Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two Year Appointment

In some ways I can't believe it's been two years and yet at the same time it feels literally a lifetime ago we were in the NICU. We're blessed beyond reason for how well Jonah has done and I feel guilty to admit that most days I don't even think about CDH, or his rough start, or anything other than enjoying him growing up faster and faster each day. He now loves to play on the playset out in the backyard, run after our friend's dog, and talk up a storm. We're even taking a few tentative steps towards planning for a sibling for Jonah.

But, since this is a CDH blog, I'd better get on with the update for that. For the first time I booked both our standing appointments for the same day. Remember Jonah goes to the surgical clinic once a year and the developmental clinic twice a year. This June, I set both up for a Friday and hoped he would stay in a good mood. Developmental first just in case things turned south.

The developmental appointment went well last time and I anticipated the same thing time around. I had even asked if we could be done after this appointment though I suspected we'd be asked to come again at 2.5 years and 3 years of age. But seeing as he was scoring at and above his age equivalent in everything and seeming to learn faster each day, it seemed a bit unnecessary. And, as it turns out, this was his graduation day, no more developmental appointments! They said he was as advanced as a three year old on most things (wow!), particularly comprehensive language. All the therapists were honestly just thrilled and so impressed! They even told me to have a discussion with his daycare center next week about how they'd need to keep him challenged so he doesn't get bored because he's so smart. Yeah, sure that would be popular and forever mark me as "that mom".

Then it was on to the surgical appointment. He got chest x-rays first thing and did fantastic! He sat in this little chair up high and got all strapped in. He was so calm and good they didn't need to do the head and arm straps which helped a lot. Then by the time he got upset it was nearly over. The surgeon looked at the x-rays and said everything looked good, took a quick peak at the scars and said they were A-OK and listened to his chest. It was over very fast and AJ even joked that it was pretty quick considering how big the bill would be. But of course we're delighted that things are going so well. They want to see us back again next year and after that we'll consider stretching out the surgical appointments a bit. There's no hard and fast rules, someone with CDH can reherniate at any time, but we'll stay optimistic but also remain cautious. Being more used to these appointments now, we know better than to ask if this or that will happen in the future, there's just no guarantees. We'll continue to monitor things and take it one day at a time. But, all in all, I just can't think of a single thing I'd want different. And what a wonderful blessing that is!

I may not update this blog anymore, I find I've run out of a whole lot of CDH things to specifically write about. If there's every anything more, I'll pop in...or maybe just to brag on my boy a bit more...but otherwise, enjoy a few more photos.

Those darn grandparents like to feed him way too much chocolate!

Mom prefers the natural sugar! Strawberry picking fun!


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