Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 10 - Extibation & Gallbladder Surgery

Today is my gallbladder surgery. We traveled the hour and a half to my regular doctor's surgical center first thing in the morning. We leave at 5am since one of the rules at the Ronald McDonald house is that you can't spend any nights away from the House (since then they could hypothetically give your room to someone else). We got special permission to spend the following night at our house so that I could recover there for a bit before heading back to Milwaukee. They acted like it was a really big deal though and my husband was nervous all night. The surgery itself went fine and that night I actually didn't feel too terrible, probably partially from the Viocadin my mom made me fill and take one that night. The next day was pretty rough but after that it got pretty good pretty fast. I dumped 24 hours worth of milk, despite lactation telling me it was fine, they ironically gave me Fentynl as my anesthesia, the same as Jonah had had.

The bigger news was that Jonah was extibated! I did ask my dad to go and spend the day watching over Jonah, I felt better having regular phone updates from him and knowing that he'd call if anything changed. The nurses told me he watched him like a hawk, not even leaving for a lunch break, gosh dad, I didn't mean you had to be there that much! He called with the great news that they took him off the ventilator and tried at first to go right to a nasal cannula but ended up going back to CPAP. I just knew they would do it while we were away. The CPAP looks awful and there's actually two different kinds, the one in the photo above goes over their whole nose, then there's another one that has prongs that goes in their nose. They switch them off to give the skin a rest or if they tolerate one better than the other. Jonah hated it! I've been told most babies do so hopefully its a short step between the ventilator and the nasal cannula. Another step in the right direction Jonah!

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